‘My Big Fat Fabulous Life’ News: Whitney Way Thore’s Regrets Not Trying Harder With Chase

On TLC’s My Big Fat Fabulous Life, Whitney Way Thore was crushed when she found out that her fiance, Chase Severino, was seeing another woman and she ended up pregnant. The couple was dating long distance and many of her fans were curious if she had any regrets about not trying harder to be closer to him. Some fans think that if she had moved back to Wilmington things wouldn’t have happened the way that they did.

Did Their Location Cause the Problems?

When Whitney met Chase, she always thought that he would be the one she spends the rest of her life with. When they broke up, things just went sour real quick. Viewers of the show didn’t even feel that they were really together, but Whitney continues to tell fans that they were really together.

A lot of viewers think that the distance and the pandemic is really what caused their relationship to fail. If the pandemic wouldn’t have happened, would Chase and Whitney still be together or did Chase always have it in him to cheat? The woman that he cheated with is an old flame and many fans think that there was probably always something there between them. Others think that Whitney could have stopped him from cheating if she had just moved in with him.

Whitney Way Thore Asked Chase To Move In With Her

Whitney did ask Chase many times to move in with her, but he does have his own business in Wilmington and that is what kept them apart. As much as Whitney took the time to go see Chase, it clearly didn’t work out that well. Even on the show, Whitney made it clear that she didn’t want to move in with Chase and that she was ready to stay in her own place no matter what.

All along, Whitney and Chase tried to make it work in their engagement, but as soon as things began with the pandemic, Whitney saw a new side of Chase. Now we know that he was doing some things that were just not right for both of them.

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