’90 Day Fiancé’ News: Shaun Robinson Opens Up About New 90 Day Spinoffs

With the launch of the new streaming service, Discovery+, we have learned that there will be some new 90 Day Fiancé shows. This is exciting news for those of us who love the stories on the show. One of the shows we are most excited about is 90 Day Bares All. This will be hosted by Shaun Robinson and she promises that it will be unbelievable!

No Censoring This Time

The best part about 90 Day Bares All is that it will serve as the Tell-All, but there won’t be any censoring to this show! This is what makes it so different from all of the other spinoffs. Shaun said, “This is the space where we are showing you every single thing that we could not show you on regular TV.

There’s so many things–video, language, body parts–that we can’t show you on regular TV, but we can show them here. Bares All is basically that–we are taking everything and, not that they were left on the cutting room floor, these parts are really juicy, but because of the rules, we could not show you there. Here, we can show you absolutely everything, so Bares All is the perfect title for this show.”

Fans Are Excited To See The New Show

Fans are excited to see Bares All because of the rumors we have heard about it. We can’t wait to see Brittany Banks and Yazan Abo Horira battle it out when she arrived in Jordan. We can only imagine the language that she used when they started fighting. We are also very curious about these so-called body parts that Shaun is referring to. This could get really juicy!

90 Day Bares All will only be available on Discovery+ and this has some 90 Day fans upset because they don’t want to pay the price that it will cost, they just want to watch it for free. They will have to see what the options are when the service premieres in January.

If you are excited to see 90 Day Bares all, be sure to stay tuned for our updates on what is next for the spinoff.

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  • December 13, 2020 at 4:05 pm

    Bring back Tim and Veronica, cut loose Angela. She is too loud, vulgar and obnoxious to be on TV. She also verbally abuses Michael on every show. Hard to watch. Makes her look like a big bully.


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