’90 Day Fiancé’ Spoilers: Natalie Unsure if Things Will Work Out With Mike

TLC’s “90 Day Fiancé” star Natalie Modovetsva isn’t so sure that things will work out with Mike Youngquist even though her K1 visa came through in record time! One of the biggest objections she has is concerning the living arrangements although they have other problems to work out as well!

Mike and Natalie Met Through Friends

Unlike many “90 Day Fiancé” couples, Mike and Natalie actually met through friends. One of Mike’s best buddies married a woman from the Ukraine, and they soon had a child together. His friend and his wife wanted Mike to be the godfather to the baby, and Natalie, who is the wife’s best friend, the godmother. They were instantly attracted to one another and started seeing each other. But they soon found they had some major differences even though they had a strong desire to be together.

For instance, Mike doesn’t want to have children right away, while Natalie can hardly wait to become a mom. Mike is not a bit religious but Natalie is. It didn’t help when at one point Natalie thought that Mike had cheated on her! The last time he was visiting Natalie in the Ukraine, he had given her a family heirloom engagement ring which she at first accepted, but then returned. She actually threw it in his suitcase as he was packing to return to the United States, because she wasn’t sure if she really loved him or not! Hurt and offended, Mike returned to his farm outside Sequim, Washington.

This played out in season seven. But now, with season eight beginning, the couple appears to be closer to working things out. Natalie video called Mike to let him know that her K1 visa came through and Mike revealed he had mixed emotions. Part of him was happy and excited, but part of him wasn’t sure about it, and about Natalie coming to the United States. It turns out she isn’t real sure either.

Natalie Has To Move To The United States Within Twenty Days Of Receiving Her Visa And Marry Within Ninety Days Of Arrival

Natalie is truly in a time crunch! She has twenty days within to move of receiving the K1 visa approval, and ninety days within she has to marry Mike once she arrives in the United States. In a promo for the next episode, she is heading to the airport along with her mother, on her way to potentially starting a new life with Mike. Her mother asks if she’s excited about marriage, and she tells her she isn’t just yet. She thinks she and Mike can figure things out in ninety days, but if they cannot, she can always come back home.

'90 Day Fiancé' Spoilers: Natalie Unsure if Things Will Work Out With Mike

Her mother seems positive and optimistic, and tries to calm Natalie as she tells her she thinks everything will be okay. The two women enter the airport with all of Natalie’s luggage. Natalie and her mother do seem to find it difficult to say goodbye to each other. That is not surprising, considering Natalie has lived with her mother her entire life and she is an only child. Natalie talks to the TLC producers on camera and admits that while she is coming to America to build a relationship with Mike, she isn’t sure it will work out. She doesn’t think that ninety days will be long enough to work out their problems. However, there is no other way to find out than to make her move and actually live together for a while to see if they actually can build a life together.

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