‘Counting On’ News: Do The Younger Duggar Kids Work At All?

When it comes to a normal family, the Duggars from TLC’s Counting On are not the most normal family we’ve seen. They have a herd of children, 19 to be exact, and many of their fans are curious about their lives. They have some nontraditional ways and it seems that none of them even have 9 to 5 jobs. So do the younger Duggar kids work and if so what do they do?

Homeschool and Work Flow

Counting on spoilers reveal all of the Duggar kids were homeschooled by Michelle and Jim Bob Duggar. They never wanted their children to receive a secular education and many of their fans are unsure that they have gotten the best education and question this quite often. Many of the children just went into the family business, which is all about selling cars and real estate. One child that has come up in question about working is Justin Duggar.

Counting On Cast member Justin recently announced that he was engaged and his fans were very excited about it. He announced just a few weeks ago that he and Claire Spivey have gotten engaged. They did reveal that they were courting on the season finale of Counting On. This happened the day after his 18th birthday. Many fans of the show are curious about how this young couple is doing financially. One Instagram fan wrote, “I’m curious about who paid for the ring? Does he have a job or is he still in school?”

Claire Defends Justin

When Claire read this comment, she told fans, “Justin paid for the ring! Not a dime of it was someone else’s money.” That is when she decided to go on about how he is working. “He is super motivated, and does well at his job. He’s been graduated for quite a while and has a full time job. He also worked part time while in school, so he’d be prepared to be on his own.”

Fans were happy that Claire took the time to talk about Justin working, but we wanted to know what he does for work. We all know that his brothers work for Jim Bob and is that what Justin is doing now too? Perhaps we will find out more on their social media accounts.

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