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‘My 600-Lb Life’ News: Were There Quarantine Violations?

The new season of My 600-Lb Life will premiere on TLC in early January. Fans of the show were very excited when it was filming, but when the pandemic hit, much like other shows, it stopped filming. Even though the cameras weren’t rolling anymore, there are rumors swirling around that the production team broke many of the quarantine violations.

Were There Violations?

We immediately saw the filming of my 600-Lb stop when the quarantine laws went into place. The stars of the show are at high risk for getting the coronavirus so the team packed up and decided to wait until they heard back about filming restarting. There are some allegations that came up though. Apparently, TLC knew that there were stay-at-home orders in a few states, but they kept filming weeks after the lockdown orders went into place. They filmed in Texas, Florida, and Mississippi even though the laws were in place to quarantine.

When it comes to boeing high risk, obese people are considered more high risk than some. That is why there were plenty of concerns about the filming of My 600-LB Life. During the filming, none of them got positive test results, nor did they get sick, thankfully. When this news came out, most of the cameras stopped rolling, but at some point, some of the production teams stayed around to try and get more footage for the show. This is why the allegations of refusing the stay-at-home orders came out.

The Show Has Picked Up Filming Again

Clearly, the show has picked up filming again and it will be out in the beginning of the year. There are now reports coming out that say the filming has started remotely and the team will just have to edit that way too.

There will be some new cast members on this season of the show and fans are very excited to see it come back. We are happy that none of the cast fell ill or tested positive for the coronavirus. It does seem irresponsible of them to continue filming though. Stay tuned for more updates on the new season of My 600-LB Life.

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