‘Unexpected’ News: Season Four Returned to TLC With New Couples and New Drama

The new season of Unexpected is coming to TLC and fans are very excited to see the new couples on the show and some of our favorites that are returning. There are a lot of new storylines and fans can rest assured that there will be a lot of drama too. This show takes us into the lives of young parents who are trying to deal with school, work, and being pregnant.

Returning Couples and Brand New Couples

We will get a chance to see Tyra and Alex again on the show. They are working together to raise their daughter, do well in college, and work on a long-distance relationship. All of these things have been incredibly tough on them ever since they got pregnant, but they have matured a lot since we last saw them!

Lilly is back on the show and she is having her second child with new boyfriend, Lawrence. We first saw Lilly in the first season of the show and then she was with James. They had a daughter together, but they ended their relationship. Now that Lilly has Lawrence, she feels that she is much happier and was excited to bring baby number two into the world.

The new couples that we will see on the show are Jenna and Aden, Myrka and Ethan, and Reanna and Taron. We will see just how well these teens navigate their lives now that they are pregnant and expecting a new member of their family. There is a lot of stress, drama, and tension and none of them are ever ready to hear that they are having a baby.

The new season of Unexpected will air on December 20 on TLC. It airs at 9 p.m. EST and those with the TLC Go app will actually be able to watch it earlier than television! TLC released the spoiler for the app and it read, “Viewers can meet the young expectant moms and their families before Unexpected premieres in the digital mid-form series Baby Bumps, which premieres on TLC Go on December 13.”

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