‘Welcome to Plathville’ News: Micah Plath Goes to Disneyworld

All of the Plath children, from the TLC hit show, Welcome to Plathville have lived a very sheltered life. They were never allowed to watch television or eat sugar. They also never were exposed to technology or social media. Their home is void of the modern conveniences of life, but now that the older children are growing up and moving out, they have started some new experiences of their own and Micah Plath decided to go to Disney World.

The Happiest Place on Earth

Micah decided that he would go on an adventure of his own and he shared a load of photos to show how much fun he had! In one of his pictures, he was posed right outside of Cinderella’s castle and he is with a girl. Of course, his fans immediately started asking him if he was dating her and who she was.

The caption for his picture read, “I was probably the biggest little kid at Disney.” If we scroll down to look at the comments, the girl in question, Caroline Alexis, posted, “Definitely were.” So who is she? By looking at her Instagram account, she has about 17,000 followers and it looks like she is a model as well. She lives in Alabama and it looks as if these two are getting closer.


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Welcome To Plathville cast member Micah is in a lot of her most recent photos and this has led many of his fans to believe that they are dating. Even in some of the comments with them, her friends write “cutest couple 2020” and things of that nature. Caroline is a student at Troy University and is in a sorority, according to her photos.

It does look as if Micah and Caroline had a wonderful time at Disney World. Many of his fans were grateful that Caroline took him there to show him how great of a place it really is. Not everyone gets this opportunity and he seems very happy with the choice to go and visit. The couple looks very happy together and we are so glad that they got to be kids for a couple of days.

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