‘Counting On’ News: Jeremy and Jinger Vuolo Contract Problems

There has been a lot of talk about the contracts on the hit TLC show, Counting On. Jinger and Jeremy Vuolo have been open about keeping their distance from the rest of the Duggars, but they are still on the show. The couple moved to Los Angeles for better business opportunities and they recently welcomed their second child, Evangeline.

Contract Talk

The Vuolo’s were pretty hush hush about welcoming their new baby. They did not make the announcement through TLC or the show and many of their fans thought that was very suspicious. Friends of the family think that the relationship between these two and TLC has gotten pretty bad this year. They have had some tough conversations about quitting the show.

One source spoke to the Sun about how Jinger and Jeremy were chatting about quitting. They said, “The contracts with the network are a bit crazy, they are very locked in and it stops them from making money in many other ways. They’ve had discussions with family members and the network about leaving, and they are unsurprisingly desperate to keep them signed on for years to come.” This source also said that the Vuolo’s won’t be able to make any other television appearances that would help them to make more money.


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The Couple Is Not Making Enough To Support Their Family

Right now, Counting On cast members Jinger and Jeremy make around $1,500 per episode, which isn’t quite enough to help to support their growing family. This is why they would like to do something else with their free time in order to make more money. Their contract does go until 2022 with TLC and they really would like to work on their own projects in Los Angeles. Right now, they just can’t because of contract obligations.

Jinger and Jeremy were living in Laredo, Texas until they decided to make the move to LA. They just started their own business called Hope & Stead, where they sell candles and hats. They just started a podcast and they are working on finishing their book called The Hope We Hold. You can keep up with Jinger and Jeremy on Instagram and on their podcast.

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