‘Sister Wives’ Spoilers: Why is Gwendlyn Brown Rude to Fans?

Sister Wives spoilers 2020 reveals TLC fans love watching the Brown children grow. Gwendlyn Brown has become one of the most popular of the Brown children and she has quite the presence on social media. It does seem that she is a little tense these days though. One fan wanted to offer her a compliment and she ended up slamming that fan.

Changing Names

The Brown family is all over social media and Gwen makes it a habit to change her name every so often on Twitter and Instagram. Some think this is to simply avoid fans and added drama. Gwen also gets very political in her posts and often brings up social injustice. Her fans think that this is interesting because it doesn’t seem like her life has been as bad as others that she is comparing it to.

In one of her more recent posts, she talked about how she was joining the Satanic Temple. She didn’t really go into it as far as why she was joining, but it seemed like she was completely mocking her family or polygamists who are full on Christians. One fan reached out to her about her post and she told them that they were “Trumpets” and that she didn’t need anyone to pray for her.

In Sister Wives cast member Gwendlyn Brown’s most recent Instagram post, she shared a selfie. Many of her fans told her that she is so beautiful and that she is growing up to be a gorgeous woman. One fan even commented, “How people without makeup show their beauty” and included hands clapping emojis. Gwen apparently took offense to that and wrote back, “I am wearing mascara and it’s my prerogative that people who wear makeup are beautiful too.”

Why did she have to get so salty about the makeup? It seems that Gwen honestly doesn’t care about making fans from the Sister Wives franchise. Another fan asked her what her Twitter account was and she told that fan that she doesn’t have Twitter, even though we have seen her post on there. Gwen seems that she has a lot to say and you better watch trying to complement her, she may turn on you too.

If you want to see more of her pictures and posts, you can follow her on Instagram and Twitter.

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