‘1000-Lb Sisters’ News: Amy Slaton Expecting Baby

On the TLC show, 1000-Lb Sisters, we have been introduced to Amy and Tammy Slatton. The women are coming back for a new season of the show and Amy has some really good news. She and her husband are finally expecting a baby! This is something that she has been wanting for so long and she couldn’t be more excited. How will she do with the pregnancy considering her other health problems though?

Amy’s Due Date

This will be the first child that Amy and her husband have and the couple has been trying for years to have a baby. As the season premiere comes to us on January 4 on TLC, we will see that 1000-Lb Sisters Amy got pregnant just about four months after her weight loss surgery. Her doctor is concerned about her health and the health of the baby. He was really hoping that she would wait a year or two before she tried to get pregnant and he did advise her to wait.

There are a lot of questions about her pregnancy that are up in the air. If her health is so bad that the baby is in danger, what will she do? Would she terminate the pregnancy? Also, why did she not heed the advice of her doctor? From the spoilers that we have seen so far, there is a moment that Amy’s health gets so bad that she has to check herself into the hospital, but we are not quite sure if this had anything to do with the pregnancy.

Was the baby born?

1000-Lb Sisters cast member Tammy did hint that the birth of the baby happened on her vlog, but when fans asked her about it, she said, “Yes. Amy was pregnant but we can’t talk about it right now.” Clearly she doesn’t want to break her NDA with TLC and she added, “I wish I could tell everyone how they’re doing and what she had.” She also mentioned to her fans that “it is so hard not to post pictures.”

It does seem that Amy had the baby and it is doing well. We will just have to wait and see what she had and what they named it.

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