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‘I Love A Mama’s Boy’ News: Get Your Cameos From Mike Boornazian

The new TLC show, I Love a Mama’s Boy brought us Mike Boornazian and his mother, Liz Bornazian. Liz gave him and his girlfriend no space and viewers were shocked that she even stayed around with his possessive mother lurking about everywhere. He did propose to his girlfriend and then they moved to Los Angeles. We are not sure if he is still there because the last few posts of his on social media put him in New York. Regardless, he has joined the world of Cameo and now you can get a special message from him.

Mike Tagged in New York

On one of I Love A Mama’s Boy cast member Mike’s new Cameo messages, he is tagged in New York instead of LA. His fiance had found a job in LA and that was the reason that they were moving there. Perhaps they found something else in New York or did Mike want to be closer to his mother? She did tell fans of the show that she felt like she was “losing” her son to his girlfriend. Liz, they all have to grow up.

Of course, fans of the show wanted to show some support of Liz and took to Twitter to share their thoughts. One wrote, “I’m actually really happy to see Liz being supportive of Mike with his decision to move to LA with Steph. She could have reacted negatively, but she didn’t. It’s really nice to see that compared to the rest of the moms on this show.”

Mike Shared The News With His Fans

I Love A Mama’s Boy Mike took to Instagram to tell his fans that he is on Cameo now. He made a hilarious video where he said, “You are the father! I’m on Cameo! This holiday give your mom, baby mom, or anyone else you love the gift they really want…a video from me.” He also tagged the Maury Povich show in the post to add some more hilarity to it.


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His rates seem to be pretty average for Cameo messages. He charges $10 for a message and $3.99 for a live chat. He has gotten two reviews so far and they have both been five-star!

It seems that Mike and Steph may return to TLC if the show is picked up for another season. They have been asked about it and they are still unsure if TLC will pick it up again.

Be sure to catch up on everything happening with I Love a Mama’s Boy right now. Come back here often for I Love a Mama’s Boy spoilers, news, and updates.

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