‘Welcome to Plathville’ News: Ethan Plath and Olivia Dishes About Having Children

Welcome to Plathville news and updates reveal the Plath children were raised in a very religious home without television and social media. Ethan Plath, the eldest son of Kim and Barry Plath, married Olivia Plath and got out of the house. Now that he and Olivia are getting to know each other better, he is learning a lot more about her and adult topics, like children and sex. The couple has been trying to work things out in their marriage and a lot of it has to do with his parents. He has completely cut ties with them and he is getting closer and closer to his wife. They’ve even started drinking together!

Ethan and Children

The topic of having children has come up on the show a few times. Olivia has talked about how she likes kids and enjoys babysitting for people that she knows. In one of the scenes from the last episode, Olivia and Ethan take care of their friend’s little boy. Ethan and the little boy played soccer together and they had a great time. Ethan was there to take care of him when he fell down too. It seems like Ethan is really good with kids, but that could be because of all of the siblings he has.

Ethan and Olivia Talk About The Stumbling Blocks

Welcome to Plathville cast members Ethan and Olivia talked about how they would like kids, but it’s not something they are rushing into. Olivia travels quite a bit with her job and she doesn’t seem as keen on kids as Ethan is. She likes her free time with Ethan and she loves traveling for her job. Ethan has told fans that if they do have kids, he will be the one working and Olivia can stay home with the kids. It doesn’t seem that she likes this idea so much as of right now. The couple is still very young and have a lot to learn about one another before they bring kids into it.

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