‘Counting On’ News: The Duggars And Their Gender Categories

The Duggar family from TLC’s Counting On, have some strange beliefs and habits. This very conservative family has been entertaining fans for years and it doesn’t look like they’re going anywhere. The one thing that many of their fans can’t quite grasp are the gender roles in the family. Some fans think it is now going too far.

Gender Roles

As you know, it is up to the women in the Counting On cast members Duggar home to have “as many children as God allows” and take care of them and the household chores. Are we in the 1950’s? Why are the Duggars still practicing these barbaric gender roles? Jim Bob and Michelle Duggar told fans, way back when, that their children loved having these strict gender roles and they made it work for them. From what fans have seen, it doesn’t feel as if their parents gave them a choice about these roles though.

One of the Duggars, Jill Duggar, has started branching out more and with her husband, they have pretty much rebelled against anything the Duggar family stands for. They left the show and started doing their own things. They have started making YouTube videos for their fans and answering a lot of questions about their family members. Jill first opened up about Christmas gift giving. She said that they would do Secret Santa gift giving because buying a gift for every Duggar would have been expensive!

They Seperate Genders During The Holidays

Counting On do separate the genders when it’s holiday season though. They had four different categories: the big boys, the big girls, the little girls, and the little boys. Jill said that they could only pick a name from the group that they were in. Why do the Duggars care this much about gender roles? It is so bizarre.

Jill and her husband chose to send their children to public school instead of Jill homeschooling them. This is unheard of in the Duggar family, but she wants him to be able to meet other children and she works full time so it is not exactly an easy task for her. We are glad that Jill and Derick Dillard are breaking up those gender roles that her parents love. Perhaps more of the Duggar women can begin to do that.

If you want to keep up with the Duggars, they are all over social media! You can even check out YouTube for a variety of Duggar videos and channels.

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