Unexpected News: Reanna Cline Has Moved On, Shares Info About Her New Love

From TLC’s Unexpected, we saw Reanna Cline having a tough relationship with Taron Ward. He quickly moved on to date another girl, leaving her with his child and all alone. She doesn’t seem to be sad about it though because it looks like she has moved on. She recently shared some exciting news about her new boyfriend.

Reanna Moves On Again

Although Unexpected cast members Taron is dating someone else now, he has shown just how much he loves his daughter and will do anything for her. Reanna actually wanted Taron away from her and their daughter. She has called him “toxic” in the past and she doesn’t trust him anymore. She has hinted that she is afraid of what he will do if he gets angry enough. It looks like she definitely needs her space from him.

Some fans think that Unexpected Taron is with a girl, Tori now and it still seems as if Taron and Reanna are not speaking unless they have to. Reanna has been posting with a new guy too. She posted on Instagram and then fans said she posted on Snapchat with the same guy. On Christmas Eve, Reanna posted a photo of herself with a guy with dark hair. She wrote, “Happy Christmas from us.”


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Reanna Fans Shared Their Opinion

Of course, Reanna’s fans really wanted to share their opinion about her new picture. One of her fans wrote to her, “It’s so messy when you have another girl or guy around your baby at such a young age.” Other fans were quick to point out that he wasn’t wearing a mask the correct way and they thought that looked very irresponsible. If he has already been around her and her daughter with no mask on, it doesn’t really matter though, does it?

Just like every other show though, there were many fans that want Reanna to get back with Taron. If their relationship is so toxic, then this is probably not the best idea for her and her daughter. We are happy that she seems so cheerful and joyous these days and we can tell that this new guy could be good for her. We will have to wait and see.

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