Little People, Big World News: Jeremy & Audrey Roloff’s Kids Get Involved With Their New Project

Little People, Big World news divulges that former show star Audrey Roloff and her husband Jeremy have some exciting new to share. Audrey posted a picture of their two adorable kids enjoying their new book, Creative Love, which she says is, “now available online and in book stores near you!”

They began the project in early 2020 after their son Bode was born. Audrey said the path to publishing was a little ragged including, “2 am phone calls with mentors, finishing chapters while rocking a baby and fighting mastitis, take-out, and deadline extensions.” But a very grateful Audrey also thanked her publisher for being so understanding!

Little People, Big World News: Audrey Roloff Announces a New Book

Audrey goes on to say that, “it seemed like the worst timing to be writing this book, and yet God knew it would be the best time for you to read it.” So what is this exciting new book about?

Audrey shares that the aim is to help people communicate better and seek creative love. In her words it will, “help you seek a love that is creative in its pursuit, its intentions, and its actions.”

Little People, Big World News: Will You Be Reading Audrey Roloff’s New Book?

Her fans were thrilled about the arrival and made comments about it with one saying, “My book just arrived. Can’t wait to dive in. I’ve been married for almost 31 years and thought this book would be a great way to infuse some inspiration.” Another wrote, “This book is so…so….golden.”

In her pic fans will see cute little Ember and Bode looking at the book and she makes sure to say that, “Creative Love is picture friendly enough for Ember to want to ‘read’ it.” Many fans were just as thrilled to see Audrey Roloff’s children as they were over the book.

Little People, Big World News: The Roloff Children Are Growing Up So Fast

Audrey is dressed in an adorable pink and gold dress and her hair is in two little pigtails at the top of her head. She has on a cute gold bracelet and its clear she is enthralled by her new book. Bode is content to look on as well, and his cute outfit is looking like he needs the next size up, with his buttons literally bursting! This caused one fan to comment, “Bode’s outfit and his squishy self oh my heavens!”

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