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Unpolished News: Bria Martone Updates On Whether She Is Married

On TLC’s Unpolished introduced us to Bria Martone and her sister, Lexi Martone. The women run a salon in New York and the new season of the show will begin on January 12 at 10 p.m EST. The women have gone through a lot since the pandemic began and a lot of the drama from the last season came from Bria’s engagement to Matt Mancuso. Many fans think that the couple may have eloped, but others think that we will see a big wedding this season.

Lexi and Bria’s Issues

We saw Lexi telling her sister just how she felt about Matt. Lexi doesn’t trust him at all and this is going to turn things sideways for the sisters. In the spoilers for the new season, we will see that Bria actually has more trust of Matt than she does in her sister. Lexi throws shade at Matt every chance she gets and this seems like it will destroy the relationship between the sisters.

Unpolished cast members Bria and Matt had planned for a big wedding. The spoilers show us that the family is nervous about COVID-19 and they will have to close the salon down. The family also has to deal with the death of Big Mike Martone. There have been many updates on the family’s Instagram accounts though.

Fans Have Noticed Bria Has Changed Her Name

One update that Unpolished fans have noticed is that Bria has changed her name in her bio. She now calls herself Mrs. Mancuso. Her photos are pretty much all of her and Matt enjoying life and some of her hair work from the salmon. It looks like they did get married, but we are not quite sure if they had a wedding or eloped.

Bria and Matt seem to be loving their life together and Bria loves being a stepmother to his children. They shared photos from Christmas and they all look so happy! We highly doubt that Lexi approves of this marriage, but we think that we will see more of them in the new season of Unpolished.

Make sure that you tune into TLC for Unpolished. It will premiere on January 12 at 10 p.m. EST.

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