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‘7 Little Johnstons’ News: Fans Want More About Amber’s Job and Take Focus Off Intimacy Issues

On TLC’s 7 Little Johnstons, Trent and Amber Johnston have had some troubles in the bedroom. With their busy schedules, they have found it incredibly tough to enjoy their intimacy and it has become an issue. The couple is now seeing a therapist to help them with their sex life and they hope that things will start to change. With all of the sex talk, fans would like to see more about Amber’s new job and other things happening in their lives, moving away from the bedroom will help.

7 Little Johnstons Updates – Spice It Up

7 Little Johnstons cast member Trent and Amber are doing everything that they can to spice up their lives inside the bedroom, but what else is going on in their world? Many fans called out TLC for making the show focus so much on sex and they want to see other things happening. The spoilers for the next episode show us that we may get a chance to move away from the bedroom.

We will get a chance to see more of Jonah Johnston and his girlfriend, but we will also learn more about Trent and Amber’s jobs. Trent has really started to worry about Amber’s health now that she is teaching. Trent is worried that she will get sick from other teachers or students. He understands that her health may not be the best because of her size and this has started to cause him great anxiety.

7 Little Johnstons New – Trent Johnston Doesn’t Want Her Back in Classroom

Trent tells Amber, “You’re not an average-size teacher in the classroom. You are literally face-to-face with these kids. The little people community have been silent about this pandemic. I don’t think people stop and realize- I feel we are at a higher risk.” Amber tells him that even if the school goes all remote, she will still need to be in the classroom to teach and conduct the virtual lessons in order to educate the children. Trent just really doesn’t like the idea of her being back.

What will Amber do if Trent keeps pushing this topic? It seems as if she needs to go in and teach, but is she worried that she may be at risk? Find out more on 7 LIttle Johnstons on TLC.

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