1000-Lb. Sisters News: Tammy Wants A Husband But No Kids

1000-Lb. Sisters news reveals that while 1000-Lb. Sisters reality show star Tammy Slaton says that she’s going to be getting married, she has zero plans to raise a family. And while she was at it ad on a roll, she shut down claims that she is jealous of her sister, and fellow show star Amy Slaton.

1000-Lb. Sisters Updates: Show Star Tammy Slaton Dropped by Her Doctor

The reality series star is slowly coming around to hearing her family’s concerns. Tammy Slaton and her brother Chris Slaton were able to sit down and have a heart to heart with her about her alarming weight.

When Chris discovered that his sister had regained the pounds she lost, Chris bottom lined her. He said that he would personally work with her to lose weight and he let her know he expects her to approach this seriously.

When Tammy, Amy, Chris, and Amy’s husband went to go see their weight loss doctor Amy had to tell Dr. Proctor that she’s pregnant. He was not jumping up and down about the revelation, but he seems to think it is manageable.

Tammy Has Not Made Progress And Could Use Some More Support

The doctor then examined Tammy and discovers she has not lost weight. After that he tells her he is dropping her as a patient. He is not doing so out of spite, but so that she can find a closer doctor who can keep track of her progress and get her back on track.

When a fan says that Tammy is jealous of Amy she adds that she needs to quit worrying about her sister’s life and begin to put the focus back on her own situation.

Tammy responds by saying “big flipping deal” and rolling her eyes.


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1000-Lb. Sisters Updates – The Two Sisters Do Not Always See Eye to Eye

Tammy adds that she has her own time table to lose weight in her time, get married and not have children.

“Nobody is the same,” she says. She also claims to be a, “little slower” than her sister. But, she reiterates that she isn’t jealous of her reality show sister but is in fact proud of Amy and loves her.

She wasn’t done talking yet however. She added that her sister got what she wanted and she, too, will eventually get what she wants, which is what she means by everyone being on a different timetable.

She’s also angry that people keep saying that she’s jealous when she’s not!

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