1000-lb Sisters News: Doctor Procter Is Stressing Tammy Slatyton Out, Worried About Her Health!

1000-lb Sisters spoilers and updates reveals we have seen Tammy Slaton really struggling with her weight. She knows that she gained a lot of it back during the quarantine, like many of us, but Dr. Procter has been on her a lot lately about her weight. Tammy does turn to her brother, Chris Slaton when she needs to vent about the doctor and she is getting pretty stressed out over it all.

1000-lb Sisters Updates – Doctor Procter Worries About Tammy

One of the main reasons that Dr. Procter has been pushing Tammy to the limit because he is very worried about her health. We have seen her on the show and never really takes accountability for her weight issues and the doctor is at his wit’s end with her because of it. He recently told Tammy that she is 80 percent likely to die in the next five years if she cannot lose the weight. Her health and her life are literally on the line here and he hasn’t seen any work put in on her part. Does she want to die? Is this why she isn’t claiming any of these issues?

1000-lb Sisters Spoilers – Fans Think Tammy Needs Some Straight Talk

Many 1000-lb Sisters fans do think that Tammy needed to hear the doctor’s straight-forward words in order to put her in her place. She has thrown many excuses our way and she even told her fans that she can’t even walk to the mailbox anymore. Tammy could do simple exercises in her home during the quarantine and there has got to be a small outside area where she could walk instead of just hiding in her home.

Amy Slaton met with their brother Chris to talk about this too. Chris told Amy that if he could do something to help he would. He even mentioned that he would help Tammy with her diet and go on a diet himself so that they could work together on losing weight.

In the next episode of 1000-LB Sisters, we will see the family working together to buy healthier foods, exercise, and claim their issues with food and their weight. It is important that they all face the music on this!

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