OutDaughtered News: Danielle Busby Shared Baby News on Instagram Stories

OutDaughtered news shows that fans of Danielle Busby are wondering if another baby is in the cards for her, and if she wants to try for a boy.

She recently asked fans to give her some questions on Instagram Stories and while Danielle has yet to answer them, yesterday she let it be known that she was working on it.

OutDaughtered News: Danielle Busby Shared Baby News on Instagram Stories

At that time she did let it be known that she wished to address one question in particular. Danielle Busby said she was working on answering questions while waiting for a dance class to end and simply had to get to certain question.

The question is one fans ask a lot, will the couple have more children? Actually the fans narrowed down the question by asking if she and her husband Adam wanted to add a baby boy to their family.

OutDaughtered News: Do The Busby’s Want to Add a Son to Their Family?

The fact of the matter is that Danielle Busby can’t bear any more children. So it is a mute point as to whether or not they want a baby boy since it is physically impossible for her to give birth.

Danielle Busby had a hysterectomy for medical reasons, which means her body cannot bear more children.

Of course there are other ways to grow their family and last year the parents addressed this situation during an interview with US Magazine.

OutDaughtered News: Will The Busby Family Adopt Children?

The question of the couple expanding their family is a very popular topic among fans and during the interview they reminded them that Danielle is not capable of giving birth to another child. They added though that the question of adoption was not a closed subject.

Both Adam and Danielle said that they are open to the thought of growing their family through adoption.
Danielle said, “If that’s something God puts in our heart and it’s something we get called and led to do, we’d follow that.”

She also said, “Shop’s closed. It would be nice to have a little boy and carry on the Busby name here, but there won’t be any more children unless one day God put it on our hearts to adopt.”

So, while Adam and Danielle have made it a point to remind fans that they cannot conceive any more children, they have not eliminated the idea of adoption.

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