Unexpected News: Chloe Mendoza’s Mother Upset How Daughter Is Doing

On the TLC hit show, Unexpected, Chloe Mendoza’s mother, Jessica, is pretty upset about how things are going for her daughter. Todd recently went to jail and Jessica is ready to take things into her own hands. She is very upset with TLC for defending Todd and Max and she has told fans that she will never be on the show again.

What Happened?

Jessica has been very upset about Max Schenzel and his two stints in prison. He faces multiple charges from auto theft, forgery, and issuing bad checks. One of the main reasons that Jessica is so unhappy about TLC’s defense of him is because he spent years in prison and eventually did have to pay fines, but the network hasn’t revealed all of this to fans of the show. There are many fans that think Jessica is completely out of line for her thoughts on Todd.

With Jessica finally speaking out about how she feels about TLC, fans continue to think of her family as the “bad guys” on the show, Unexpected. She cannot believe that TLC would let Todd or Max on the show considering their criminal past and the network prides itself on making family content with good morals. Having Todd and Max on the show isn’t a way to show good morals.

Jessica Talks To Her Fans

Jessica has told her fans that Todd has never wanted to be in Ava’s life and he has never shown her any love for her birthday or even for holidays. She has told her fans that he doesn’t call and he pretty much acts as if she doesn’t exist. She continues to preach about how horrible it has been to see how TLC makes him look like a good guy when he hasn’t done anything helpful for her family.

Unexpected News: Chloe Mendoza’s Mother Upset How Daughter Is Doing

The Instagram post that did it read, “Maybe we would if Todd actually tried to be in Ava’s life. Did he buy her anything for her birthday? No. Does he call or check in on her? No. I am so tired of people believing that Todd is the victim. Far from it, but that is the storyline TLC went with and now they have to stick with it I guess. I don’t understand how the updates were just the girls talking, but yet they had to put Todd on there to defend Max. But that’s ok, because we know the truth, and this just totally justifies why we will never do another season of Unexpected.”

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