1000-lb Sisters News: Amy Slaton Arrested for Shoplifting

From TLC’s 1000-lb Sisters, Amy Slaton has started to open up again about the time she was arrested in 2010. She called this a huge mistake on her part, but she wanted to share with her fans more about it before more rumors spread.

1000-lb Sisters Spoilers – The Truth Behind the Arrest

Amy told her fans, “This is a story about when I was arrested. Yes, this is an age-restricted video because I do not want little kids to go out and think it’s OK to steal and get in trouble and stuff like that. I do not want that to happen.I did stupid things when I was younger. It was 2010, I had a job, but I had recently quit my job. My grandpa died and everything was like, so everything was going bad for me. And I really wanted this book, and I thought, ‘Well, I’m gonna try to steal it.’ So, I put it in my purse, and when I walked out the door of Walmart, the anti-theft device beeped.”

1000-lb Sisters News: Amy Slatton Arrested for Shoplifting

She told her fans that she tried to lie about it and when the cops saw the camera footage, they knew she was just trying to get out of it. She was in jail for two hours and all she wanted to do was cry. Her mother ended up coming to bail her out and of course, she was not happy with Amy. This $8 book ended up costing her $400. She has told her fans that she understands now that our actions, that may seem silly to us, do have extreme consequences and she gets it now that she is much older.

1000-lb Sisters Updates – Amy Slaton Has A Past

Amy admits to her fans that she does have a past and she has moved on from it. She tries her best to focus on the positive in her life and push the bad thoughts out of her mind. She doesn’t hide the fact that she got arrested once and feels bad about it, but she did turn it into a lesson for herself and for others. She has learned from her mistakes and has told her fans that she will no longer make one like this.

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