Welcome to Plathville News: Ethan and Olivia Plath Go Tantric

Welcome to Plathville news reveals that young married couple, Ethan Plath and his wife Olivia Plath, recently took a fun trip to California and while there took a side trip to see a tantric expert. Now the expert, Triambika Ma Vive, is dishing what really went on in her session with the two.

Welcome to Plathville News: Welcome to Plathville Behind the Scenes Dish

Ethan Plath wanted to do something nice for his wife and he thought it would be perfect to hae a session with Triambika Ma Vive at the Fire Garden, which is located in Bonsall. The garden is lit with tiny illuminating lights, fire sculptures, and fire chandeliers. Whatever she was thinking was going to happen went right out of her head once she learned the real reason they were there: to see a Tantric expert.

The tantric expert dished that the audience only got to see a fraction of what really went on in the garden because it is a family show!

She claims that the network, “cut out all the sexy scenes.” Oh my!

Welcome to Plathville News: A Recent Segment Had to be Censored!

On top of that, the scenes where the couple engaged in tantric practices were banned from the show. She thought it was an odd choice and thought the public would have learned more about tantra if they were allowed to see them.

Trimabika Ma Vive described herself as a,“sexuality coach for soulful beings.” That description right there goes a long way toward explaining why some scenes didn’t make it to air!

She has been a practitioner over 25 years and helped countless individuals and couples with their relationships, sexuality, and confidence.


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Welcome to Plathville News: Is There Trouble in Paradise?

Olivia Plath and her husband Ethan talked during the tantra session, sharing fears and issues the couple need to confront. Olivia told Ethan that he didn’t stand up for her with his family and that she had lost her trust in him to be her true partner. For his part Ethan admitted that not defending her was his biggest regret and that he wished he could do it over again.

Triambika acted as a counselor for the pair who she described as “naïve.” She told her followers that it wasn’t her favorite tantric session, but she did end up having fun with the Welcome to Plathville couple. She added it was, “almost as fun as my two appearances on the Playboy channel.”

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