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Unpolished News: Bria Martone Upset About Wedding Plan Changes, Getting Irritable and Fighting With Matt

Unpolished spoilers and update reveal many people had to deal with COVID-19 restrictions this past year. One of them is Bria Martone from TLC’s Unpolished. Bria wanted to marry her fiance, Matthew Mancuso, but the global pandemic had a different plan for them. They had planned to have their wedding on September 12 and she was very let down when things didn’t go as planned.

Unpolished Spoilers – Bria Throws A Fit

In the spoilers for the next episode of Unpolished, we will see Bria really getting upset over the changes in plans. It all started when Bria starts to call her friends about the wedding show. Most of them end up canceling because they don’t want to risk anyone getting the virus. Even her mother, Jen Martone, tells her that because of COVID, they really can’t give her the wedding that she wants. She then tells Bria that she needs to get over these disappointments because she feels that there will be more.

When they book the venue, Bria is told they can only have 50 guests, but it looks as if things changed there too. Jen ends up telling the venue host that they need a place big enough for 68 people and the woman tells her no. Bria gets so frustrated and starts crying to the camera, “whether we want to scream, cry or whatever there’s nothing anyone can do. Things are just crumbling everyday.”

Unpolished Updates – Bria Martone Has A Huge Fight With Matt Mancuso

All of this wedding stuff ends up really getting to Unpolished cast member Bria and she ends up having a huge fight with Matt. She gets so fed up with all of the questions about the wedding that she just walks out on him. She told him that she couldn’t take anymore talk about the wedding and she was finished talking about it for now.

It seems like things are super tense with everyone in the Martone family right now and we are excited to see what happens on the next episode of Unpolished. It airs on TLC on Wednesday nights at 10 p.m. EST. You can also keep up with the Martone family on their social media accounts. They post pretty regularly on Instagram.

Be sure to catch up on everything happening with Unpolished right now. Come back here often for Unpolished spoilers, news, and updates.

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