Return to Amish Spoilers Maureen and Rosanna Flee for the English World

Return to Amish spoilers teases that fans will see a defection in the new season when newcomers Maureen and Rosanna flee to find out more about the “English world.”

They do not accomplish this on their own however. They have help and it’s from Sabrina Burkholder and Jeremiah Raber who have left themselves. They are back for another season to lend a hand to Rosanna and Maureen as they learn a whole new way of life. The new season premieres on TLC on March 22.

Return to Amish News: Ada Helps Her Granddaughter Maureen Leave

But just because the pair are in a helping role it doesn’t mean viewers won’t see them in their own storylines as well. It is being teased that Sabrina and Jeremiah have a lot of issues to deal with!

Apparently in the new season of Return to Amish, Ada, who is Jeremiah Raber’s boss, tells him and Sabrina Burkholder that her granddaughter, Maureen and her friend, Rosanna, want out.

Sabrina is shocked that they want to depart the Amish community and Jeremiah Raber replies that it seems like they’re, “starting an Amish zoo.”

Return to Amish News: An Amish Zoo!

Maureen is a school teacher who spends a lot of time working and viewers will hear her say, “Amish life isn’t for everyone.” In fact, spoilers tease that Maureen finds a love interest!

Maureen shares that she is crushing on a “really handsome” guy and they even share a very awkward kiss– after she tells him that she’s still a virgin!

Rosanna is also looking for a new beginning. The Return to Amish cast member isn’t happy living the Amish way. She says that she wants to leave because her life isn’t fun. Rosanna wants to see what living in the “outside world” is all about. But, spoilers hint that she enjoys herself too much and starts to go down the wrong path.

Return to Amish Spoilers Maureen and Rosanna Flee for the English World

Return to Amish News: Will Rosanna Go Down A Wrong Road?

According to Jeremiah Raber, he thinks Rosanna may face actual danger by throwing down her Amish ways. He even goes so far as to say, that he, “can fully see Rosanna going down the wrong path.” Does he know something about her that everyone else doesn’t?

He adds that he can see her, “get into a lot of trouble.”

Actually Jeremiah Raber is probably talking about his own past experiences. After he left the Amish community, he had run-ins with the law.

Fans will see Maureen and Rosanna jump right into their new lives, going shopping and even parasailing. Rosanna is happy with her decision but soon Rosanna and Maureen are on the outs. Is their friendship doomed?

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