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Unpolished Spoilers: Is Lexi Martone Moving?

Unpolished spoilers and updates reveals Lexi Martone is known for her amazing nail art. She is known for the incredible 3-D nail art that people love to see. Her spectacular nails can really cost a lot of money and it looks like she is doing well for herself. According to her Instagram, she has created some nails that are like no other.

Some of her recent videos and pictures show nail art from Alice in Wonderland that includes a teapot and cups. The tea cup can actually hold liquid and pour tea if needed! These nails are insane, but her customers love the over the top looks that she creates.

Unpolished Spoilers – Is She Moving?

Not only has she shared these incredible nails, but now she is sharing pictures of herself packing boxes and some fans aren’t sure if she is moving out or if she is just having some changes done to her home. On Lexi’s Instagram Stories, she posted pictures of boxes packed and one of them read, “Ok…Am I done packing yet?” Then she posted more pictures of boxes and hints about packing again.

Fans of Unpolished know how close the Martone family is and how much they do need Lexi around right now, especially with the death of Big Mike Martone. Could she have deserted the family? She does want more space and likes her freedom, but would be the best time to move out? Fans aren’t sure if she is back in the dating game, but from the looks of it, she is single again, so what’s going on?

Unpolished Updates – Fans Think The House Is Being Renovated

There are other fans that think that the house is getting renovated and that is why she continues to post these pictures and videos. We are not sure because no one else has been posting these types of pictures, but it could all be a big secret that will be shared at the end of the season of Unpolished.

We do hope that whatever Lexi is doing, it is the best choice for her and her family. This could all be a big renovation or it could be Lexi stepping out on her own and finally getting a place of her own.

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