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Unpolished Spoilers: Lexi Martone Addresses New Responsibilities and The Pressure She Feels

Unpolished spoilers and updates reval that Lexi Martone has been working very hard on her salon and she works with all of the women in her family. She and her sister, Bria Martone have come a long way from when they did hair and nails out of their home. These women, along with their grandmother and mother, have started their own salon empire, but on this season of the show, we will see a lot of sadness when Mike Martone dies. Lexi has been dealing with that a lot lately and wanted to open up more about it.

Unpolished Spoilers – The Salon is In Danger

With the death of Mike, the family knows that there are a lot of financial issues that they will have to take care of. It’s not easy on anyone when a family member dies and this has been very tough on the Martone women. Lexi knows that this means that she will have to take on even more clients and with the pandemic, things haven’t been easy. Bria could take on a lot more right now, but she is busy planning her wedding and has been pretty distracted by that.

Lexi has a lot on her shoulders now and she doesn’t seem to like her sister’s fiance and this continues to be tough on everyone. Unpolished cast member Jen Martone, their mother is also stressed out about having to pay for her daughter’s big wedding and she just doesn’t know how she will do it with Mike gone. In the spoilers for the newest episode, Jen tells Lexi, “You’re the only one who makes the money.”

Unpolished Updates – Lexi Martone’s Feather’s Were Ruffled

This scene clearly ruffled some of Lexi’s feathers because after her mother tells her this, she leaves her house, slamming the door. Although many fans do take Lexi’s side in all of this, there are some that feel for Bria and her situation as well. In another scene, Jen is talking to one of the salon employees and she tells them, “We have to go over some bills, because I don’t know which one to pay first.”

It does look like Lexi may have more responsibilities on her plate, but fans would like to see if Bria can step up her game too.

Find out what happens next on Unpolished. It airs on Wednesday nights at 10 p.m. EST on TLC.

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