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My 600-LB Life Spoilers: Will There Be a Season 10 This Year?

My 600-LB Life spoilers and updates reveals fans of the TLC show are ready to see some new cast members looking to change their lives and their weight. We have been waiting very patiently, but have yet to hear if any new episodes would air. Season nine aired in December of 2020 and it was filmed during the beginning of the pandemic. This was tough to do and filming was put on hold because of the health of some of the cast members. It may not be December yet, but fans are already curious when we can expect it again.

Casting Call

Some fans of the show have done some digging and it looks like TLC has released a casting call for the new season of My 600-LB Life. This casting call went out last week and fans of the show are excited to see who they choose and when filming will begin. It is tough with a show like this one because of COVID-19 being a virus that does affect those who are not in the best of health. This is one of the reasons that filming was halted when it all started.

There is also the fact that there have been many lawsuits filed against the producers of the show. Some of the former cast members are suing them because they were under the impression that their medical bills would be paid, but they are still swimming in debt because of doctor’s visits and weight loss surgeries. These cast members have also said that they have suffered great distress from being on the show. Does this make others want to join in? It still does, yes.

What Will Season Ten Look Like?

A lot of changes seem to be coming for My 600-LB Life and fans can expect it to air around the same time in 2021. Filming may be slower due to COVID-19, but the casting call has been put out there. If things go well, we will see a new season around December 2021.

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