90 Day Fiancé Spoilers: Deavan Accused Of Shocking Behavior in Regard to Daughter’s Alleged Abuse

90 Day Fiancé Spoilers: Deavan Accused Of Shocking Behavior in Regard to Daughter’s Alleged Abuse90 Day Fiancé spoilers tease star Deavan Clegg is getting some uncomfortable attention these days from social media and it has to do with how she may or may not be handling her daughter’s alleged abuse. Is she turning this incident into clickbait?

That is what some Reddit users are accusing the 24-year-old mother of two of doing: using daughter Drascilla’s alleged abuse for Instagram clickbait.

90 Day Fiancé News: Deavan Accused Of Odd Behavior

Over time many fans have taken Deavan to task. She has been accused of lying and of being an unprepared parent.

For instance, after splitting with her 90 Day Fiancé: The Other Way co-star Jihoon Lee, Deavan was accused of keeping their son, Taeyang, from his father. Jihoon is raising money on GoFundMe for a custody battle against Deavan. At the same time new boyfriend Topher Park has been ruffling feathers by referring to himself as Taeyang’s father.

Deavan has also claimed that her five-year-old daughter Drascilla was abused by Jihoon.

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Deavan’s announcement about her daughter’s alleged abuse came right after she claimed she was taking a social media break after accusations that she aborted a pregnancy and said it was a miscarriage for a storyline.

The break didn’t last long as Deavan uploaded images of her daughter with the alleged abuse message. Some fans were irate that that she next shared a highly edited photo of herself on Instagram captioned, “My official statement about the ABUSE case 💔 #LinkInBio.”

The post was deleted, but a Reddit user shared the screenshot to the sub-Reddit r/90dayfianceuncensored with the caption, “Classy, using an alleged ‘terrible abuse’ as clickbate [sic].”
The poster claimed Deavan was showing audiences a negative side of herself by her questionable actions and alleged that she was seemingly using her daughter’s alleged abuse as clickbait to get views.

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Other fans made a multitude of comments on the Reddit post with one writing, “You👏do👏not👏look👏like👏that,” about the photos of herself on Instagram. One person wrote, “Some people are sadly professional victims,” about Deavan and another user said, “Don’t support Deavan and her clickbait bullshit.”

Still others got on the topic of Deavan’s claims against her ex: “She’s emotionally beaten him down by kidnapping his son and parading Taeyang around with his “new father” for the past year.”

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