Return to Amish Back With All New Episodes

TLC’s hit show, Return to Amish is coming back to the network. The show will premiere in March of 2021 and we are excited because we haven’t seen it in over two years! Many fans were pretty sure it was cancelled, but as per usual, TLC is full of surprises.

The New Season

This new season promises a lot of new drama that we have missed on Return to Amish. We will see Jeremiah and his wife, Carmella. This season, Jeremiah is attempting to find his biological family. He tells cameras, “I was adopted into the Amish community when I was one and a half and I wanted to meet my biological father.”

We will see a newly sober Sabrina and she is now pregnant with her boyfriend, Jethro’s baby. She didn’t want to have another baby this soon, but we will see how the couple processes everything in their lives right now. We will meet some new cast members as well.

Rosanna and Maureen will be introduced to us on the new season of Return to Amish. A press release for the show tells us, “Viewers will be introduced to Rosanna and Maureen as they leave their tight-knot Amish communities for the first time, traveling to join Jeremiah, Carmella and Sabrina to experience many ‘firsts’ in the non-Amish world. Rosanna’s sheltered life hasn’t prepared her to deal with the stress of the English, or non-Amish, world, but she’s determined to soak up her new surroundings. Maureen is similarly excited to experience the English world, and a budding relationship has the potential to help her acclimate ever faster.”

Fans of the show are very excited that TLC decided to bring it back and are happy to see that there are new cast members as well. There should be a lot more drama and tears, especially with Jeremiah digging about who his real family is.

The new season of Return to Amish will return to TLC on March 22 at 9 p.m. EST. Be sure to tune into TLC to see more spoilers and exciting updates on this new season!

Be sure to catch up on everything happening with Return to Amish right now. Come back here often for Return to Amish spoilers, news, and updates.

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