Little People, Big World News: Matt Roloff Must Take Orders From a Higher Authority

Little People, Big World star and Roloff family patriarch Matt Roloff loves to build and renovate things and he shared with fans recently that he has a new project on the farm.

In the past Matt bought stones from a house that was demolished years back. He got a good deal on them at an auction and Matt didn’t have a use for them until now. Apparently it took three years for inspiration to strike!

Little People, Big World News: Matt Roloff Updates Farm Shed

But Matt finally realized what he wanted to do with his find, and that was use them on a well house on the farm. The structure in question houses one of the farm’s wellheads, pumps and filters. He called it “the ugly little shed” and boasted he would make it look like a “million bucks” after his redo.

Two days later Matt Roloff updated fans on his work with a picture of his handiwork in progress and revealed that he already had the cinderblock shed semi-covered in the “reclaimed cultured” stones.

But Matt didn’t’ stop the renovation there. He also gave the shed a new door, taking “rough sawn lumber” he found on the farm to rebuild the door. All in all the shed is looking quite spiffy but now there’s a hitch.

Little People, Big World News: Matt Roloff Must Cooperate With Mother Nature

It seems that the Little People, Big World star has been told by Mother Nature that he needs to take a few days off. According to Matt the Northwest is expecting a huge snowstorm in the coming days and that means he gets a break whether he wants one or not.

Taking advantage of the shed’s proportions, he was able to stick all of his equipment inside the structure which saved him a lot of work taking supplies back and forth meaning he can expend his energy on the project, not unnecessary labor.


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Little People, Big World News: Matt Roloff is a Genius Builder

But then Matt realized there is another issue: how to get the reclaimed stones on the upper half of the little building!

That’s because he’s the sole worker on this project, so maybe someone can give him a hand? Nonetheless, Matt stayed optimistic and even joked that he might have to leave the site as is. We think he’ll find a way to solve his problem!

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