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Counting On Spoilers: Is Anna Duggar Pregnant Again?

Counting On spoilers show us that Anna Duggar may have a baby bump forming and could be pregnant again! This would be her and Josh Duggar’s seventh child! The video in question was posted by Jessa Duggar, but it was taken down very quickly afterwards. Are they trying to hide something?

The Birthday Celebration

The video that Jessa posted was from her son, Henry’s 4th birthday party. Anna is wearing an oversized sweater in the video, but still looks to be about 4 to 6 months pregnant. Anna hasn’t shared too much on her social media lately, but from watching this video there is definitely a baby bump there.

There are fans who follow Anna who think that people should lay off of her and a pregnancy announcement. These fans brought up the fact that just because it looks like she’s pregnant, doesn’t mean she is. She may have just gained weight and if that is the case, it’s pretty rude to body-shame her like that.

Anna’s Hints

Anna has made hints before that she would like to have another child and this was in November. One of her fans wrote, “Ok, six is enough (lol).” Anna came back with, “Well, we will have to wait and see. Right now we are enjoying our six littles! As the fifth child in my family, I’m so glad my parents didn’t stop at four.” She did reply to one fan that replied afterwards asking if she was expecting and she told them she was not.

It has been rumored that Anna and Josh live in a warehouse that Jim Bob Duggar owns, but how could they fit all of those kids in there? This couple has been in the spotlight a lot and it all started when Anna found out that Josh had a secret profile on a website for married men who wanted to cheat on their wives. It also came out that Josh had molested young girls when he was a teenager, and some of them were his sisters. The couple has been through a lot and many fans aren’t sure why she even stayed with him, but divorce in the Duggar family would be frowned upon.

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