Sister Wives Spoilers: Christine Brown’s Jealousy

Sister Wives spoilers reveal that Christine Brown does get very jealous of the other three wives of Kody Brown. After the season premiere aired, fans found out a lot more about her and how she feels about the other three wives. She admitted that she even has started to feel “super jealous” about Kody being married to multiple women.

The Move to Arizona

Since moving to Arizona, a lot has happened to the Brown family and not all of it has been good. The pandemic broke out just months after they moved and they are all so spread out that it has been tough for them to get time with Kody. Christine told cameras, during the premiere, that it feels lonely now and she feels very isolated from not only her husband, but the other wives as well.

Christine has started to feel that Kody and the other wives have started to change their feelings about being in this plural marriage and it has shown her that things really are changing and perhaps not in the right way.

Kody Drops a Bomb

Kody has always been onboard with plural marriage and it has gone well for him for a few years, but as the show moved on, he dropped a bomb on the wives. “I’ve thought about this a lot lately, because I’ve told friends recently that I didn’t want to be an advocate of plural marriage anymore. Because I am more aware now than I ever was before the apparent and obvious unfairness in the relationship.”

Kody knows that his wives have loved him before, but he has started to feel that there has been a shift in their relationships. This is when Christine dropped a bomb of her own at the table. “I’m really sorry- I still get super, super, super jealous and I’m really, really, really sorry. Maybe I don’t like me either. I’m not really strong on my own, and it’s surprising and it’s hard. It’s hard to find that balance of being strong and not being a bitch.”

Things are just getting started on the new season of Sister Wives.

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