Sister Wives Spoilers: TLC Stars Feel Frightened Coming Back To Utah

Sister Wives spoilers and updates reveals Utah was once the home of the ‘Sister Wives’. But everything changed when they went public. On this Sunday’s episode of the TLC series, Christine Brown revealed that coming back to Utah may not be the best option for the family. In this episode, Kody Brown and his four wives -Christine, Robyn, Janelle, and Meri- visited a plural family, the Dargers in Utah.

The ‘Sister Wives’ Meet Up With The Dargers

The popular polygamist, Joe Darger, and his three wives -Alina, and the real-life sisters Valerie and Vicky- have been very keen on removing the stigma that comes with plural marriages. According to Kody, since their first victory in 2020, this family has “been very politically active” on this issue and has been making some progress.

The Browns saw their visit to Utah as an opportunity to see the rest of the family. However, this decision caused anxiety among the wives. Christine was quite uneasy about this decision. “Polygamy right now in Utah is a felony,” she said.

A Quick Departure From Utah

Recalling their past, in 2011, when the Browns decided to go public on their plural marriage, it was reported to the state authorities. “within just days of it really being announced, the police in Utah started to investigate us because plural marriage is a felony in Utah,” Janelle Brown said. “It was punishable by up to five years per count,” She continued. She explained that it was a difficult time for the family. At this moment, they were afraid that they were going to be arrested.

The Browns Fight For Decriminalization

To maintain control over the issue, the plural family went into exile. They landed in Las Vegas, waited for things to settle, and “sued the state of Utah.” As Janelle recalled, they won the lawsuit and were decriminalized. However, this victory was short-lived. The state of Utah overturned Brown’s victory and established a new law, HB 99, towards that effect. As a result, it became a worse felony for polygamists in Utah. But there was a way out.

In 2020, a bill introduced by the Senate, S.B 102, sought to revise the HB 99 law that was passed years ago. This law declared that law-abiding citizens who choose to cohabitate due to religion, should not be considered felons. During a confessional, Robyn claimed that the HB 99 law prevented a lot of people from seeking help, especially women. To her, the strict laws of the state have increased the rate of abuse on the female gender. She stated that failure to amend the state’s constitution will lead to more abuse

Returning To Utah

Amidst their differences, the browns traveled together in the same vehicle during this trip. Janelle for one, had expressed concerns on this issue. She feared that if they got pulled over for a traffic violation, it would hinder their goals of getting decriminalized. Notwithstanding, they arrived safely. During their short stay with the Dargers, both plural families discussed the S.B 102 bill and how beneficial it will be for the citizens of Utah.

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