1000-Lb. Sisters Spoilers: Amy Slaton’s Baby Pictures – Are They Fake?

1000-Lb. Sisters spoilers and updates reveal that Amy Slaton’s baby pictures are now all over Facebook, but fans don’t think that they are real. Amy has been very quiet about her new baby because of her NDA with TLC. She can’t exactly go posting pictures of the baby right now since we haven’t seen it on the show yet. Now it seems that fans think her baby, Gage Deon, is on her Facebook photos, but is he really?

1000-Lb. Sisters Spoilers – Amy Slaton and Social Media

Amy posts a lot on social media and usually Instagram is her go to. Many fans want to know why she can’t share pictures of her son now that we know he has been born. Some think it is her 1000-Lb. Sisters NDA, but others think it could be the fact that she wants him out of the spotlight right now. This is the reason that many parents choose when it comes to sharing their children on social media.

In the spoilers for next week’s episode, we will see him being born and we will see just how terrible Amy has it when she goes into labor. The birth was not easy for her and with no pictures of him online, now fans are concerned that he is not as healthy as some say.

1000-Lb. Sisters Updates – Tammy Slaton with Gage

A new picture has popped up on Facebook and it features 1000-Lb. Sisters cast member Tammy Slaton with baby Gage. The photo is being leaked all over social media and some fans think that it is a fake, while others think this is really Gage with Tammy. This would be the first photo that fans have seen of him since he was born and this has put some fans at ease since seeing the latest spoilers.

Some fans think that this baby is just a life-like doll. They don’t think it is Gage because it doesn’t look very real. Other fans think that Tammy broke her own NDA just so she could share this picture of her new nephew. Will TLC be pissed about this?

We will get a chance to find out all about who or what this baby is after the next episode of 1000-LB Sisters on TLC.

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