1000-lb Sisters Spoilers: Amy Halterman Shares Dream Home Photos

1000-lb Sisters spoilers and updates  show us that Amy Halterman is ready to put her vision board in place and on social media. Amy and her husband, Michael just welcomed their baby into the world and it seems like Amy may be craving more space. In a recent YouTube video, she showed fans the nursery and talked about it was just temporary for right now until they got more space.

1000-lb Sisters Spoilers – Where Do They Want to Live?

Amy and Michael want to live in a bigger house, but with money so tight right now, how will they afford it? She made sure to tell her fans, “I wanted to clear things up since many of you are confused as to how Keneth is helping me save for my dream house and how I was able to afford my dream wedding… We talk whenever one of us is not busy and he gives me advice.His channel is new but the budgeting is not for me. That’s why I was saying he helped me save money because we’ve been talking about it for about a year or two.”

The YouTuber in question is named Keneth and he has his channel where he helps his subscribers save money and build a budget when it comes to buying a home or paying off debt. 1000-lb Sisters cast member Amy has gotten a lot of help from this channel and is looking forward to buying a home based on what she has learned from the channel. (It sounds like a lot of people could use his help.)

1000-lb Sisters Updates – Saving Money and Working Hard

Buying a house is hard work and the moment has to be just right for it and your credit has to be good too. Amy is aware that she does need to save money and work very hard on paying down her debts and getting her credit back to where it needs to be in order to find the perfect dream home.

We are happy that 1000-lb Sisters Amy and Michael are taking the right steps to get their dream home and we really do hope to see them in it in the future.

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