Counting On Spoilers: Jed Duggar and Lauren Caldwell Engaged?

Counting On spoilers and updates reveal The Duggar’s are usually big social talkers but we are surprised they kept Jed Duggar and Lauren Caldwell’s engagement a secret. Oh!! Just so you are aware, Lauren Caldwell is the immediate sister of Kendra Caldwell; Joseph Duggar’s wife.

The youngest lad in Jim Bob’s clan; Jed, is sure not a fan of the public eye yet unlike his older siblings who tend to appear oftentimes on the social media platform. Since the Duggar’s were restricted on certain platforms unless they were involved in a serious relationship, Jed had to keep away his relationship details from the public. Nobody had an idea Jed and Lauren were dating, talk less of moving the relationship status a step higher. The engagement was a calculated move from the Duggars and Caldwells and it was sweetly kept under wraps.

Counting On Spoilers – Keeping Secrets is a Trend for the Duggar’s

We think keeping relationship secrets is a lifestyle for the Duggars because it explains without a doubt how Justin Duggar and Claire Spivey courted for several months without announcing their relationship to the general public. On this subject, we have no choice but to respect their decisions for keeping the big announcement.

Anyway, before now, there have been speculations about Counting On Jed Duggar and Lauren Caldwell being in a relationship. However, none of them owned up to these talks. Either Jed or Lauren gave any formal or informal announcement on their social media handles. Moreover, Jed hasn’t been much of a follower on the Instagram platform until recently.

Lauren Chadwell was formerly engaged

Remember, Lauren was engaged to Titus Young in October 2020. The engagement details, came as a shock to her million followers as there had been gossips on several social media outlets that she planned to walk on the same waters as her elder sister. Kendra got married into one of the most popular evangelical lineages from the southern part of the United States of America. So, it was a matter of time until she pulled her younger sister into the family. Many people speculated that Lauren would follow in her steps and that exactly is playing out.

Her engagement to Titus Young surprisingly ended a few weeks into it and there are reasons to believe Lauren Chadwell didn’t stay very single afterward. From rumors making rounds, a source within the family told the Sun that Jed and Lauren have been unstable in their relationship for over a year but kept things under pillows.

The source said – “Lauren seems to have confused everyone when she got together with Titus Young, but it didn’t last and her relationship with Jed became serious very quickly”.

Counting On Updates – Hopeful about the Jed-Lauren’s Engagement

We believe if the Jed-Lauren engagement isn’t just mere rumors, it will be very fascinating for Jim Bob Duggar and Paul Caldwell. These duos have been long-time friends and some say the two men might have been the reason Joseph and Kendra got married. These are just claims and unconfirmed rumors but one thing we know for certain is that the Duggars attend the same church where Lauren’s father; Paul Caldwell ministers.

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