Sister Wives Spoilers: Robyn Brown and The Hate She Feels

Sister Wives spoilers and updates reveal that Robyn Brown has started to feel as if her marriage has been sabotaged. She is the fourth wife of Kody Brown and things have gotten pretty tough for her. The other wives, and fans of the show, feel that she is the favorite wife and she can feel the jealousy coming from them. In the new trailers for the next episode, she feels as if one of the wives is coming for her to try and ruin her marriage to Kody.

Sister Wives Spoilers – The Other Wives’ Feelings for Her

Watching the latest episodes of Sister Wives, we have seen a lot of jealousy coming from Christine and Meri Brown towards Robyn. In the newest trailer, Robyn and Christine sit down to talk and a lot comes out. Robyn tells her that she has serious doubts about how the others feel about her and she doesn’t think that they even care about her.

The pandemic has started to truly isolate all of the wives and their families and it has been extremely hard on them all. This extra time away from each other has made it even more difficult to talk about their feelings and how this marriage is going to move forward.

Sister Wives Updates – The Move to Flagstaff

Moving the family to Flagstaff was supposed to be a reset for the whole family, but it seems as if things just went downhill for the Browns when they got there. Christine enjoys the freedom she has here, but the other wives feel as if it has pulled them further apart. After seeing Christine expressing herself more on the show, it seems that the jealousy for Robyn comes from the fact that she always thought she would be the final wife. This was a shock when he wanted to legally marry Robyn.

Robyn fully believes that Christine is the one who is trying to sabotage her marriage to Kody and her place in the family. Robyn says to cameras, “How can you be friends with someone you can’t trust?”

We will have to watch on Sunday at 10 p.m. EST on TLC to find out what happens next on Sister Wives.

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7 thoughts on “Sister Wives Spoilers: Robyn Brown and The Hate She Feels

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  • March 11, 2021 at 8:50 pm

    I love Meri and I feel like she is getting the short end of the stick where Koty is concerned, she has tried so hard to win Koty’s love back and he shoves her aside like a rotten steak. He showers his attention on Robyn who has turned into a whiny brat, I’m personally tired of her complaining and crying while Koty bends over backward for her. The other two wives are also getting the back burner, but Meri is treated the worse. I’m praying they can all come together and love each other for all the children’s sake, I want them to stay a loving family.

  • April 2, 2021 at 4:20 pm

    It’s obvious Robyn is the only one that Kody wants to be with and is attracted to.
    Meri is a good woman and they did her wrong with the divorce .
    Meri to me is the best woman there and I wish she would pack up and leave.
    She has a B&B and don’t need the BS.
    KODY IS UGLY and always looks unkept
    Who would want to be married or in a sexual relationship with someone like that.

    Yes ladies , Robyn is the only one he really wants..
    We see it

    • September 22, 2021 at 11:23 pm

      Lisa I’m with you. Kody is ugly, his hair is always all over the place. To me it’s either his way or the highway. I like Meri best of all. Christine always has to be sitting so close to Kody.

  • April 26, 2021 at 6:22 pm

    why would you ever get involved in this crap shoot?
    you got into it knowing the crap it came with,,,,its a joke

  • September 4, 2021 at 5:52 pm

    Meri is getting the short end of the stick. Janelle & Christine is getting ignored now. It seems like the only wife getting attention is Robyn. Very nice house she didn’t have to pay a pennu for. They moved to Flagstaff because HER son got into college there so the WHOLE family HAD to move over 1 person. It’s CLEAR who the favorite is.


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