Sister Wives Spoilers: Mykelti Padron Confirms She Plans To Follow The Brown Family Tradition And Have A Home Birth

Sister Wives Spoilers suggest fans Mykelti Padron and husband Tony Padron are about to welcome their first child into the world. A fan asked Mykelti if she planned on a home birth like most of the Brown women and she confirmed that she is. Considering that Mykelti is thirty-six weeks along, we could see news of the new baby’s arrival any time.

Plural Families Often Have Home Births

Sister wives Kody Brown’s wives often have home births because it is the norm in plural families. In plural families, it is very odd to have a hospital birth because of the number of wives. If one man has several wives who have delivered in the hospital it could even cause an investigation that leads to charges against the husband. Polygamy can lead to felony charges in some cases which encourages families to deliver their children with the help of the wives. The plural family has always had to be careful about who knows about their lifestyle because of these potential problems.

Mykelti Padron Has Tried To Getting Pregnant For Years

Sister wives Mykelti has stated that she and Tony have tried to get pregnant since their wedding in 2016. After four years the couple was thrilled to be expecting their first child. Baby Avalon Padron will be the third grandchild in the Brown family. Mykelti’s sister Maddie has the other two. However, there has not been any confirmation of this baby being born onscreen like Maddie’s children were. Mykelti’s mother, Christine Brown, was the first to give birth on the popular tv show.


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Kody Brown And Christine Brown Had Their Reservations

Sister wives Kody and Christine had their reservations about Mykelti’s marriage at first. Kody and Christine felt Mykelti was rushing into marriage. It seems that the parents were worried for nothing considering that the couple is still together and expecting a child. However, Mykelti has not been featured in the series for some time. Will we see more of Mykelti now that her daughter is about to be born? Mykelti and Tony live in Utah so they are not with the rest of the family in Flagstaff, Arizona. However, sister Mariah Brown has recently announced plans to move back to Utah as well.

Sister wives fans cannot wait for word on this new addition to the family and wish this couple all the best. Hopefully, we will soon see Mykelti’s little bundle of joy visiting with the rest of the Browns.

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