Tattletales Revival: Celebrity Game Show Back At HBO Max

HBO Max is planning to bring celebrity couples back on stage with the revival of the classic game Tattletales, and it will be hosted by author/restaurateur Ayesha Curry and her NBA All-star husband Stephen Curry.

The show premiered 46 years ago and ran for four years at CBS with 1,075 episodes, and at Weekly Syndication for a year with 30 shows. It was originally hosted by Bert Convy, Daytime Emmy winner, with Gene Wood being the primary announcer in the show’s first run.

What will remain the same and what could change?

The new Fremantle production will see the invitation of 3 celebrity couples who will join the Currys on a “date night” that will feature intense and uncensored relationship trivia and games, all in the name of finding out the couple that knows their partner best. “All’s fair in love and war, and as personality quirks and hidden talents are revealed, teams are pushed to their limits with physical challenges,” the show’s synopsis reads.

Most importantly, couples appearing in the show will compete on behalf of any charity of their choice, and the charity will get a donation if they win.

Neither of the two original versions had a hard rule that the celebrity couples were in fact married or even romantically involved, and have gone on to feature best friends, parent-child, TV couples, with other combinations. The 1982 version featured more non-romantic couples than the original version, and there’s been no statement on the status of the “couples” appearing on the show for the upcoming revival.

Another major change in the show would be the audience not getting paid when the celebrity couple they’re rooting for wins. In the original show, the studio audience, with each made up of 150 members, was divided into three color-coded sections; red, yellow, and blue. The celebrity with the most money at the end of the show won the game, earning their section an extra $1000 bonus that will be distributed in checks as they left the studio.

The Dynamic Couple: Ayesha and Stephen Curry

“Ayesha and Stephen put a fresh new spin on a classic game show to really shake things up for these competing couples,” HBO Max non-fiction EVP Jennifer O’Connell said in a statement.

The Fremantle alternative chief Jayson Dinsmore also commented, “The dynamic Ayesha and Stephen Curry are the perfect duo to bring this hilarious exploration of the trials and tribulations of relationships back to television.”

The Currys themselves also issued a statement, “We are so excited to be a part of bringing this awesome game show back to life. Our families are huge fans of the original, so to be able to host and produce this show together is such a joy… Each episode will be an opportunity to hang out with some iconic power couples, have fun and let loose a bit. We can’t wait!”

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