Sister Wives Spoilers: Same-Sex Marriage Similar To Polygamy Says Kody Brown

Sister Wives spoilers and updates reveals the husband to the four wives of the TLC reality TV show, Kody Brown has likened same-sex marriage to polygamy. He made this assertion as to his daughter, Mariah prepares to get married to her partner, Audrey Kriss.

Mariah and Audrey got engaged in January of 2019 and were seen making preparations for their upcoming wedding on last Sunday’s episode of the show. In their intense conversations about who to invite to their wedding, they decided to exempt people who did not approve of same-sex marriages. Well, that’s stating it rather politely, as they referred to such people as “homophobic bigots”.

The families of the couple both accepted their choice, as they understood how some people in the society behaved toward gays and lesbians. However, as fans of the reality show have come to expect, Kody came up with a whole different line of thought.

Sister Wives Spoilers – Coming To Terms With Homosexuality

In Kody’s opinion, Mariah and Audrey should use their marriage as a means of dispelling homophobic behaviors in that particular set of people, by inviting them to their wedding. In a discussion with Meri, who is Mariah’s mom, he reminded her that a lot of people invited to their wedding didn’t approve of his polygamous lifestyle, but still graced the occasion out of love. This bears so much similarity to the way people who disapprove of same-sex couples will react on the day, as they could become more open to accepting people who are homosexual.

Kody said accepting that people have different sexual orientations made it easier for him to approve of Mariah’s relationship with Audrey. The same couldn’t be said of Meri’s response when her daughter openly declared her lesbian status in 2017. Meri recalls that her behavior towards her daughter at the time made her feel like a bad mother, describing the whole experience as “horrible”. She became open to the homosexual lifestyle of her daughter after been introduced to Audrey three months later.

Meri described their relationship as loving, as she could see they were perfect for each other.

Sister Wives Updates – Divided Fan Votes

Fans of Sisters Wives are divided in their stance towards Kody’s statement though. Some fans believe that Kody is right. They feel that experiencing same-sex marriage could go a long way towards eliminating homophobic behaviors in modern-day society. They believe such an experience will be enlightenment to such people as it is fear and ignorance that makes them bigots.

On the other hand, other fans see no reason why Mariah and Audrey should invite people who will disapprove of their lifestyle no matter how hard they try to convince them. They feel that a wedding day is a day of love and merriment, not the right place to enlighten people about the LGBT community. There are also a group of fans who see no similarity between polygamy and same-sex weddings.

Whichever way you look at it, there are parties between the polygamous and LGBT lifestyles. We just have to be tolerant of each other.

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