Seeking Sister Wife Spoilers: New Teaser Of TLC Show Released

Seeking Sister Wife spoilers reveal that the new season of the show is on its way to us. The show has been delayed for quite some time, but TLC has released the teaser and fans are excited to see the new season! We initially thought that the show would air on February 28, but we were sad to see that the release date got pushed back to March 22.

The Snowdens Are Back

Fans were very upset when they heard that TLC had postponed the premiere of the new season. Some even thought that the network had second thoughts and pulled the show all together. Luckily, this is not at all what happened. It was just a small delay and fans can now rejoice in knowing that we will see the Snowdens again!

The new teaser shows us that the Snowdens are back and we will meet the Alldredge family, along with the Winders. The Alldredge family seems to be in some sort of trouble about custody. Then the teaser tells us, “Sophie Winder produced a baby last year after she struggled with fertility.”

More Confirmed Couples

The Snowdens aren’t the only ones that we will see. We will see the Joneses, the Merrifield, and the Clarks and their stories. It will come out that the Alldredge family is part of the many families that are close to Sister Wives family, the Browns. Kody Brown knows them really well and they used to come and see them when everyone was still living in Las Vegas.

Seeking Sister Wife is another look at plural marriage. We do have to keep in mind that in the United States, it is still against the law to legally have more than one wife, but somehow these families make it work. This makes us very curious to find out just how they do it and why.

If you want to keep an eye on these families, you will have to tune into TLC for Seeking Sister Wife.

Be sure to catch up on everything happening with Seeking Sister Wife right now. Come back here often for Seeking Sister Wife spoilers, news, and updates.

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