Sister Wives Maddie Brown’s Fun Day With A Difference

Sister Wives Maddie Brown's Fun Day With A DifferenceSister Wives fans adore Maddie Brown Brush and her kids Evie and Axel. Fans attribute her and her husband Caleb as setting parenting goals. Now, the TLC stars set off for some exploration with friends. And judging by the look on the kids’ faces, they enjoyed a wonderful time. Actually, their day out came with something different and they probably treasure the memories they made.

Sister Wives – A Day With A Difference For Maddie Brown Brush

Fans of the TLC show fell in love with Evie after her birth. While they only recently saw Maddie introduce her to the Brown family, Maddie shared the progress of her child on social media for a long time now. Actually, fans’ hearts went out to Caleb and Maddie when Evie arrived with FATCO syndrome. Later, doctors fitted her with a false foot after she underwent a Boyd amputation. Nowadays, she toddles around happily and plays with her brother Axel very sweetly.

The Sister Wives star shares loads of photos and video clips of her two kids. Recently, Maddie revealed a short clip where Evie learned a new word. TLC fans know that Maddie studies as well as runs the home and raises the two kids. Obviously, the two kids enjoy seeing what mom’s up to. And, the new word that Evie learned came from one of Maddie’s biology books. So now, she knows what a skeleton looks like. Additionally, she can say the word, “bone.” On Saturday, March 14, Evie probably added to her list of words as she accompanied Axel, Maddie, Caleb, and friends on a day with a difference.

Sister Wives Maddie Brown's Fun Day With A Difference

An Exciting Day Exploring The Inside Of Helicopters

Taking to her Instagram Stories on Saturday, Sister Wives star Maddie shared a series of slides. Two of them revealed they went and looked at some helicopters. One of them showed Evie, Axel, and a friend inside one looking out. In the other photo, Caleb and Maddie stood in front of a helicopter with the two kids. She captioned them with, “We got to check out helicopters with friends today!” Unfortunately, she didn’t post them on her main Instagram so fans couldn’t comment.

Mind you, it’s easy to imagine what Sister Wives fans might say to Maddie Brown Brush. Those happy smiles tell a story. Later, not done with fun and adventuring, the family visited the Virginia Zoo. Well, kids love visiting the zoo. Even little Evie at the age of 17 months can enjoy watching animals like monkeys and brightly colored birds. We’re guessing that by the time the family got home, Axel and Evie were all tuckered out after their fun day with a difference.

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