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Bachelor Fans React To Michelle Young Being Cast As Bachelorette Season 18

Bachelor fans saw that Matt James chose Rachael Kirkconnell over fan-favorite Michelle Young. However, the good news came that ABC cast her as the lead in The Bachelorette, Season18. Some fans think that Matt James turned out wishy-washy and non-committal anyway. After all, he told Rachael that he likes her for the mother of his kids, but he can’t propose just yet. So, they really hope that Michelle finds real love in her own show.

Bachelor Fans Congratulate Michelle Young For Her Bachelorette Season

Some ABC fans think that Michelle Young dodged a bullet when Matt James dumped her. In fact, he exhibited some rather odd behavior in the finale episode. First, fans saw him rubbing his mom’s inner thigh rather intimately. And that seemed weird and rather bizarre. Plus, in some scenes, he wore his beard long and oddly sprinkled with glitter.

The reveal that Rachael lasted less than five minutes with Bachelor Matt came during the After the Final Rose special. And they give him no opportunity to call up his second choice as Hannah Brown did. They already offered Michelle her own season on The Bachelorette. Additionally, they start filming in the fall. Over on Instagram, where she posted about the season done and wrapped, fans discussed her as the lead in Season 18. Plus, they sent in their congrats.

ABC Fans Discuss Her Casting On Michelle’s Instagram

After The Bachelor ended on Monday, Michelle took to her Instagram. She said that it’s “time to relax, recharge, and trade in these gowns for sweatpants…!” Plus, she alluded to the new Bachelorette season by adding, “At least for a little while anyway 😌.” Additionally, she thanked all the fans for supporting her and her family. A lot of fans told Michelle that she’s their “Queen.” And some of them commented that she deserved way better than Matt anyway. Meanwhile, others just seemed super-excited at seeing her return.

One Bachelor Nation comment read: “I am soooo excited🎉My Bachelorette☺️what a QUEEN👑❤️.” And another one noted, “So obsessed with you and your family Michelle! Can’t wait for your season!❤️.” Similar comments followed, like this one: “So excited to see your season! You were my favorite this season! 🥺❤️”

Here are a few more comments from happy fans:

“First comment ever 🔥 congratulations Michelle some man is going to be lucky in a few months.”
“Can’t wait to continue watching you. You are a role model ❤️.”

“Rooting for you! Well Deserved! 👏🏽❤.”

“Can’t wait for your season ❤️❤️.”

“so excited to watch your journey, so much love for you and your genuine heart! ❤️”

What are your thoughts about Michelle Young getting her own season of Bachelorette after The Bachelor? Do you think she dodged a bullet with Matt James?

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