Can OutDaughtered Twins Ava & Lulu Identify Themselves?

OutDaughtered fans often struggle with remembering which twin is which. Ava and Lulu, the only set of twins in the quintuplets look very much alike these days. So much so, that in a recent episode, Parker Kate seemed to mix up her two sisters. Anyway, TLC fans might assume that Ava and Lulu can at least identify themselves in a photo. On Tuesday, March 16, mom Danielle Busby put them to the test. Can you guess the outcome?

OutDaughtered – Twins Ava And Lulu Even Confuse Their Sister Parker Kate

In the current season of the TLC show, fans saw Adam Busby go outside and teach all the quints how to ride their bicycles. He nearly exhausted himself and agreed that he should rather teach them independently. During the episode, Parker did quite well, and eventually, she offered to show Olivia how to do it. Well, Ava shot back with, “I’m not Olivia.” If she can’t get her sisters right, what chances do fans stand of getting them wrong?

Over on the OutDaughtered Instagram accounts, Adam and Danielle Busby often see fans asking which twin is which. Some fans seem devoted to the subject. Actually, some of them tell others about the slightly different smiles. Or the color of their ear studs. Other TLC experts talk about the wideness of their foreheads or the pointiness of their jaws. However, many frustrated fans simply give up trying to guess which is which. So, they appreciate it when their parents tag the kids in their photos.

Twins Lulu & Ava Put To The Test On Identifying Themselves

On Tuesday this week, OutDaughtered mom, Danielle popped up a clip in her Instagram Stories. She asked Ava if she could tell which of the twins was which in a photo. Of course, Riley wanted in on the fun as well. But nope, this test came for Lulu and her sister. Ava pointed to one of the girls. And then Danielle asked Lulu which of them was her. After studying the photo for a bit, she also pointed at one of them.

Did the girls identify themselves? Well, it turns out that the OutDaughtered twins both got it wrong. Ava said that Lulu was her, and vice-versa. So, Danielle laughed at them as they definitely mixed each other up. For TLC fans, it seems rather interesting. And that also means that they can stop worrying about mixing up the two girls in the comments on social media. As for the other girls, well, Riley’s the pretty one with an attitude. Then Parker’s the tallest, and of course, Hazel’s easy for fans with her eyeglasses and red hair.

What are your thoughts on Ava and Lulu from OutDaughtered not being able to identify themselves in an old photo? Sound off in the comments below.


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