Reddit Sparks TLC “Counting On” Cancelled Rumors: Duggar Family Failure?

Has the “Cancel Culture” trend impacted the TLC show, “Counting On,” starring the infamous Duggar family? For years, Jim Bob and Michelle Duggar have soared in the reality TV realm, thanks to their once-upon-a-time 17 kids….that turned into 18 kids…that expanded into 19 kids.

Renamed “Counting On” rather than “19 Kids and Counting” after Josh Duggar’s seemingly endless series of scandals, the popular show seemed destined to outlast the Brady Bunch. But Reddit, the social media site known for its communities devoted to every topic imaginable, has sparked rumors that “Counting On” is now, well, “Counting On Cancellation.” Read on for the inside scoop.

Reddit Thinks TLC Has Cancelled Counting On: Here’s Why

The social media site Reddit’s “Counting On” community is speculating that TLC has canceled the Duggar family show. Has this reality TV show become yet another victim of the “cancel culture” phenomenon?

A recent Reddit post titled “19 Kids and Counting On Cancelation Watch” offered evidence that a “significant change is occurring.” Among the red flags cited in this thread:

● Weddings “with no TLC involvement,” even though such ceremonies are the network’s “bread and butter.”

● YouTube is utilized to share highlights that would typically be saved for Counting On, with the sister stars of the show behind those videos.

● In a complete reversal of mama Michelle Duggar’s strict clothing rules for her daughters, the adult girls are shown wearing pants rather than long, modest dresses.

● A lack of upcoming shows hype despite courtships and wedding rumors.

● TLC refraining from hyping Justin and Claire’s wedding.

● Jana reportedly is courting and refusing to allow anyone to stage-manage her romance.

● Ben is seen dancing in Jessa’s video in contrast to the Duggar clan rules.

● Jessa has expanded her YouTube presence, uploading videos of events that TLC would have filmed for episodes if the show is continuing.

Of Spin-Offs and Rebranding: What Does the Future Hold for the Duggar Family?

In the world of reality TV, the cancellation of the main show doesn’t necessarily mean the end of that brand. The Reddit community also speculated on two possibilities even if “Counting On” is counting on cancellation:

1. Rebranding: TLC could have decided to shine the spotlight only on the current stars, refraining from expanding into new couples and story lines.

2. Spin-offs: Think about the Kardashian family for an example of what can happen in the magical world of reality TV spin-offs. Kylie Jenner, the youngest daughter, got her own spin-off for awhile; Kim Kardashian and Kourtney headed off to New York in yet another spin-off, and Bruce Jenner chronicled her gender transition into Caitlyn Jenner in “I Am Cait.”

Redditors also point out that with TLC seeking to channel content into Discovery Plus, the network may be looking to utilize footage in a different way.

Blaming Counting On Rumors On The Pandemic

However, don’t hold the funeral for Counting On just yet, argued some Redditors.

“With the pandemic, maybe TLC just doesn’t want to put their crews in harm’s way by having them film huge Christmas gatherings and birthday parties,” pointed out one Counting On fan.

Although Jed’s wedding is scheduled for streaming, Justin and Claire’s “super spreader” ceremony may have been the reason for TLC opting out.

“I can’t see their show being canceled,” concluded one Redditor. “Maybe TLC is waiting for the pandemic to slow down to start filming again.”

Other theories include the network working on new contracts for Counting On for new couples, or potentially moving the show to Discovery Plus.

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