Married At First Sight Fans Rant On Paige’s Stupidity

Married at First Sight fans initially felt really bad for Paige. Chris Williams seems very controlling and he comes over as abusive sometimes. Especially in the Honeymoon episode, where he got into a huge fight and isolated her from any support by the rest of the cast. Fans also felt for her as she only found out about his ex- fiancé’s pregnancy during the wedding. However, as the season progresses, fans lose sympathy for Paige, and some of them rant about her stupidity.

Married At First Sight Fans Lose Patience With Paige

Lifetime fans can’t get their heads around why Piage stays with Chris Williams. After all, he told her that she wasn’t his type in bed. He didn’t find her that appealing. But things went downhill from there and each episode reveals more ugly behavior from Chris. Yet, she seems determined that with God’s help, it all works out. After suffering from Chris bad-mouthing her, lifting her up, slamming her down, and more, fans literally scream at their TVs. Now, it looks like she endured all of that for nothing, as Chris hinted he wants out.

In a previous episode, Married at First Sight fans felt relieved when both of them hinted at a split. And many of them think divorce might be the best thing. After all, Chris said that he was sick of it. However, on Wednesday’s episode, Lifetime fans saw that Paige still considers renewing their relationship. And Chris also toys with the idea. However, even the experts finally admit the couple might not be compatible. Meanwhile, Paige spends so much time praying to God that people become exasperated and they berate her for being “stupid.”

Irritated Fans Slam Paige – Can she Really Be So Stupid?

Over on Twitter, Married at First Sight fans vented. One of them commented, “How many ways does Chris have to say I DON’T WANT YOU! I DON’T VALUE YOU! And Paige is all “but God said…” God said run and your *ss is planted there waiting for him to change. Lmao, it’s laughable right now.”

Another fan called her plain stupid. They noted, “Paige Stop wearing blinders and Wake TF up! Chris don’t want you..Chile you just out here looking STUPID.”

A Lifetime fan slammed Paige more than that, commenting, “Paige is so stupid lmao she’s like “I’m not leaving my marriage because I’m being the wife God intended me to be” but like her husband doesn’t even answer her calls or texts.”

Meanwhile, a lot of Married at First Sight fans hate that both Paige and Chris keep on about being Christians. But Chris certainly doesn’t live a Christian life. What’s going with Paige? Do you agree that she starts looking stupid in the show?

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