OutDaughtered Spoilers: The Quints Have a Meeting

OutDaughtered spoilers reveal that our favorite quints are ready to show their parents that they can have a meeting of their own and be responsibility members of the family. Adam and Danielle Busby were quick to call a meeting between the entire family during this crazy pandemic that we are going through. It looks as if the Busby parents wanted to make some better decisions about the quints and the freedom that they have had during their break from school.

The Family Meeting

After being on a break from school for so long, the quints have really started to enjoy their freedom and being at home. They also miss seeing other kids their age though. Adam and Danielle are struggling with helping the quints and Blayke out with their studies and work from home. It has been quite a challenge, but the Busbys have really started to navigate the pandemic life for everyone.

When the family is filming, Adam and Danielle try their best to give their children the most freedom possible and not try to force them to be in front of the camera, but they also have a show to make and fans love to see all of the quints. Hazel Busby doesn’t spend too much time in front of the camera this season, but Adam and Danielle wanted fans to know that everything is just fine with her.

Big Steps For the Quints

It looks as if the quints took the big step in starting kindergarten this year. Going to school during the pandemic has been tough for everyone and even the parents are struggling with homeschooling and making sure that they keep up with their studies. The Busbys wanted the quints to be able to take the step to “big girl school” and they knew that this might upset them, but during the family meeting, they seemed more mature about it.

On the next episode of OutDaughtered, we will see even more about the quints starting kindergarten and how they get through it.

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