The Blended Bunch Spoilers: TLC Fans Love the Fun

The Blended Bunch spoilers have shown a lot of fun on the TLC show. The new premiere made a lot of fans smile and so far, they really love it! Of course, the story of the Shemwells is a pretty sad one. Erica and Spencer Shemwell both lost their spouses in a tragic way and this show helps us to see what they have been through ever since. The family joining together has made many fans smile and we are looking forward to seeing more of them.

Erica and Spencer’s Meeting

Erica and Spencer met on a support group online for widows with children. Spencer has four children and Erica has seven. The family coming together is tough, but as we have seen so far, they are trying their best to make it work. Now that the family is moving to Utah together, there will be ups and downs that they cannot control.

Spencer’s wife died in a car accident and Erica’s husband died of brain cancer. These deaths have been very tough on them and the grieving process isn’t exactly easy on anyone. We will see a lot of their sadness and happiness as well, but fans have seen the extreme fun in it all.

Trouble with the Families

Erica’s brother, Quinn has a lot of opinions about the families joining together. He thinks that Spencer adopting the children is not a good idea, but he knows that Erica is set in her ways and she will do what she wants, especially when it comes to love. Quinn is suspicious of Spencer and can see how stressed about the move Erica is. He is not sure that this is the best thing for her and her children.

Quinn does worry about Erica and her sadness since her husband died. When he asked her about her coping, she said that everything has been really hard and exhausting. No matter what though, fans love the joy and energy that the new family brings together.

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