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Bachelor In Paradise Alum Dean Unglert Reveals Breakable Gift

Bachelor in Paradise alums Dean Unglert and Caelynn Miller-Keyes became fan-favorites when they adopted their rescue dog, Pappy. Sometimes, Dean’s accident-prone, as fans know from his skiing accident in Switzerland about 15 months ago. Actually, considering he’s a bit clumsy sometimes, he really loves extreme activities. So, ABC fans might wonder just long the breakable gift that Caelynn gave him will last.

Bachelor In Paradise – Dean Ungoert Jokes About His Gift From Caelynn Miller-Keyes

When Dean broke his leg and dislocated his hip in Switzerland, he could very easily have lost his life. Recall, Caelynn rushed over there to be by his side. Later, they returned home to the USA after some delays awaiting clearance from doctors for the long-haul flight. A slow and painful recovery took ages. But, they adopted their cute old man Pappy, the Yoda lookalike. Pappy accompanied Dean when he hobbled around on a stick. Together, they started hiking and walking around the easier trails. This year, he shared a video of himself skiing again and he managed to not break anything.

In November, Bachelor in Paradise fans felt shocked when he shared a video on his Instagram. It revealed him swimming on a rope from a hot air balloon. When Dean fell, many of them assumed he slipped. But, he wore his parachute. Nevertheless, fans hover around his social media praying he doesn’t hurt himself again. Well, now he joked about the breakable gift Caelynn gave him, hopefully, he doesn’t have an accident and break it. Actually, it seems very useful as fans know that he writes his own travel blog and takes a keen interest in photography.

Caelynn Gives Dean A Drone

Bachelor in Paradise fans saw videos taken by Dean in the past where he obviously used a drone. So, perhaps Caelynn gave him an upgrade. Taking to his Instagram Stories on Friday, March 19, Dean shared some shots of his brand new drone. And as always, one photo of Pappy his dog. On the drone shots, Dean wrote about how much he can’t wait to “fly” it. But in the clip, he actually said, “I can’t wait to crash it.” ABC fans know there’s a huge possibility of that.

At least he probably won’t end up drowning it in the sea while he learns to fly it. The news came that very soon, they finally make their move to Las Vegas. No doubt, fans soon see a lot of Mojave Desert shots filmed from the sky.

What do you think of the breakable gift that Caelynn Miller-Keyes gave Dean Unglert? Do you think that he most likely crashes it? Remember to check back with us often for more news, spoilers, and updates about ABC’s Bachelor in Paradise.

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